Can You Attempt To Try?

Jeniferever's formation nearly 15 years ago has showed little progression up to this point. Their name as and hilarious as it seems is derived from the same song made by the Smashing Pumpkins in 1989. Clearly influenced by the group, the lead singer Kristofer Jönson's vocals are obviously a similar style as of Corgan's, but unlike Corgan it isn't exactly warranted in key situations. A string of EPs from 2001-2004 showed the potential the band possessed with their post-rock climaxes and indie lyricism, light melodic instrumentals, and soft-spoken lyrics. Clearly Choose A Bright Morning was an overdue debut, created 10 years after their formation. A solid debut by the quartet, but it was clearly held back by the lack of progression in their instrumentals and non-chalant vocals. 2 years after they released an underwhelming EP called Nangijala, clearly showing they haven't jumped any hurdles up to this point. Not exactly anticipated, the 2009 release Spring Tides still shows the passive vocal upbringings by Jönson and the traditional, albeit underwhelming ambient and post-rock driven climaxes that are so ingrained in their band. Much like the approach Sigur Ros take on post-rock and The Appleseed Cast's style of indie rock, Jeniferever would seem to be a crossroads to those bands. Regrettably it doesn't seem to be worthwhile up this point in their career.

If Jeniferever show something correct in their style it's by far their melodic instrumentals that coat piece of music they've made. While Jeniferever don't exactly hypnotize or captivate any one by any means with their style "Ox-Eye" does it correctly. Progressing slowly in the background remains the guitars and ambient feedback, while Jönson calmly expresses his longing for a better present with his long-time friend. Much like their Nangijala EP the appearance of piano is brought back, if so rarely in St. Gallen, For half of the 6 minute affair, Jönson is thankfully absent, but his non-impressionable lyrical content and still, utterly, non-energetic vocals mares the track. Thus, it comes again, the not-so-interesting vocal talents of Jeniferever. Honestly, the only fans I can see could be mildly interested in this band's vocal talents would be amainstream pop-punk fan with an infatuation with boring vocal talent, but we all know that won't happen when those very fans probably have no idea what the hell post-rock even is.

Noticeably it would be Jönson himself bogs down the group, he doesn't lead or stay in the forefront throughout the entire album as a "front man" should. After all, his only job is keyboards and vocals, yet he shows no promise since their formation. Like Choose A Bright Morning, Jeniferever still struggle to find a common thread between post-rock melodies, indie rock, and very passionate, yet unimpressionable vocalist. They still are hit-n-miss with their post-rock atmosphere, usually the latter is the culprit. I might of had an epiphany while listening to Spring Tides. Not exactly revolutionary by any means, most if not all of the best post-rock groups are energetic in some form or another. Drumming becoming the key in most instances, while Godspeed, You Black Emperor! choose to slowly and effortlessly climax their music at the right time, Jeniferever really don't do that to warrant any attention. There are a few instances where they work in "Ox-Eye", "Nangijala" and "The Hourglass", but it gets to the point where I find myself truly uninterested with the whole process with Jönson wallowing in his own self-restraint. Expectations were truly low after hearing Nangijala EP, but this has yet to truly capture my attention in any shape or form. I find myself asking why do I keep my interest in this band, is it because of their style is rarely seen in post-rock or because post-rock seems to be declining at a abysmal rate. Jeniferever can't seem to perfect either of the two and unlike my previous, even if they're were low aspirations for them, I find myself ignoring the very prospect of another release by them.

Grade: D+


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