Not Many of These Around

You always hear people say that "this is changed an entire genre". It is rarely understood to another generation of how influential or momentous that type of statement really is. Mezzanine was unleashed in 1998 and soon after established even further what the trip-hop originals were capable of - reinventing their sound, while sounding extremely fresh and precise. Unlike their previous albums, reggae icon Horace Andy is featured even more exclusively on here (had a few appearances on previous albums) and while there are still those immense soulful and hip-hop atmospheres swirling around they're aren't as relevant as they once were on previous endeavors. The latter especially as Del Naja and crew incorporate more electronic lushness and beautiful guitar incorporation at their disposal. From the illustrious outburst of guitars in "Angel Creeps" to the sorrow filled and heart-wrenching "Teardrop", it becomes increasingly evident Mezzanine has all the tellings of a classic. If there's truly one album that will truly hold on its own in the trip-hop genre then its most definitely Mezzanine.

Grade: A+
Download: V0(VBR)


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